Origene Nyanguile, PhDVice-president of Pre-clinical development

    Dr. Nyanguile has performed his Ph.D in the field of peptide/peptidomimetics and performed his post-doctoral work in the laboratory of Prof Gregory L. Verdine, the inventor of the stapled peptide technology. Dr. Nyanguile witnessed the development of this technology during his post-doctoral work. Since then, he has established successfully the methodology in his laboratory at the HES-SO Valais-Wallis, and gained considerable expertise in this field. In addition to this, Dr. Nyanguile has worked 12 years in the pharmaceutical industry. He gained expertise in antiviral drug discovery at Tibotec-Virco, now the Janssen antiviral discovery research center, where he contributed to the development of TMC647055, a non-nucleoside hepatitis C polymerase inhibitor, which went up to phase 2 clinical trial. Dr. Nyanguile established the HTS campaign of this program, as well as all required profiling to assay the hits compounds, and move then the compound through the early ADME preclinical work. He was then part of the early compound development team to bring TMC647055 to clinical trial. Since his departure of Janssen, Dr. Nyanguile has been working in the development of peptides antivirals in RSV with the laboratory Jean-François Eléouët, an expert in the field of RSV replication. Dr. Nyanguile has coauthored more than 20 peer-reviewed publications and is been listed as co-inventors in a number of various patent applications.

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