Filip Yabukarski, PhDCSO & Co-founder

    Dr. Yabukarski received his BSc and MSc in Biochemistry and Structural biology in 2010 and defended his PhD is structural biology of RNA virus replication in 2013. His work focused on deciphering the replication mechanisms that negative strand RNA viruses use to replicate during infection. He is an expert and focused his PhD work on a conserved viral component that is essential for negative sense RNA virus replication. His work provided the scientific discoveries on which ViRelieve is based and builds upon. Dr. Yabukarski is also co-inventor of the key patent that ViRelieve is exploiting.

    After completing his PhD work, Dr. Yabukarski joined the laboratory of Pr. Daniel Herschlag at the Biochemistry department of Stanford University, where he broadened his scientific experience and expertise by working on problems in biological catalysis.

    Independently, through collaboration with scientists from the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory, he developed new protein X-ray crystallography tools that allow to study the structure of biological macromolecules at their physiological temperatures.

    Dr. Yabukarski was a recipient of the prestigious Human Frontiers Science Program postdoctoral fellowship award in 2014.

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